Piano & Pool Table Moving

Piano & Pool Table Moving

Piano moves are very delicate and require lots of experience.  Simple furniture moving companies or individuals, with no piano moving experience, may damage the finely tuned and calibrated parts if improperly packed, loaded or secured in the truck.  Pianos are generally the largest, heaviest and most internally gentle and fragile items which must be moved only by professionals.  If you need to move a piano, choose only the company with previous piano moving experience.  Otherwise, it could lead to very expensive repairs.

REX Moving is piano moving specialists, with countless jobs done previously. Our professional mover will carefully disassemble required parts, gently wrap the instrument in the softest moving blankets and foam pads, further wrap in shrink wrap, safely secure in the truck and cautiously transport to the target location.

Pianos are not the only heavy and delicate items in homes which require a special attention, but so do the billiard/pool tables.


Pool tables require special disassembly, and a team of physically fit and professional movers to safely wrap and maneuver the pool table around the house.  Improper wrapping,  packaging, or securing in the truck may damage the pool table and leave scratches and dents.

To avoid these problems, call REX Moving who have vast experience disassembling, securing and moving pool tables. Make the right choice!